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Anne Linkh


Gainesville, Florida

Nikon D810, Nikon EM 35mm Film, Nikon F5

Nikon Pro Service Member

Professional Photographers of America Member

Eric Linkh

Photographer, Licensed Drone Operator

Gainesville, Florida

Nikon D810, Lumix G9, Dji Phantom

Nikon Pro Service Member

Professional Photographers of America Member

I come from a long lineage of photographers, having spent many a childhood afternoon in a darkroom watching developing photographs emerge. I spent the next few decades preserving memorable moments, using my trusty camera.

I now utilize both film and digital medium formats in my portraiture, and enjoy capturing your special moments in life. I have experience photographing for commercial sites and advertising, weddings, sports teams, charitable events, and families.

I provide a comfortable experience in which you can feel free to express your emotions and convey your vision for the desired outcome of the photography session.

I would love to help you create tangible memories, and look forward to working with you!


My introduction into photography started in the 10th grade. As I signed up for intro to photography, I never imaged such a passion would emerge. Soon after, I excitedly borrowed my father's Nikon that he carried throughout his military career.  

As the semester progressed, I found a new respect for the mechanics of photography. Photography can be a very technical art, with the balancing of shutter speeds and aperture, coupled with the film sensitivity.  This is where I found an appreciation for black and white portraiture.

Some things have changed, even with the 'explosion' of digital cameras and editing software. This modern technology has given us the automatic functions that have allowed us to get adequate photos without great effort. To achieve something greater,I believe the art has to be melded with the science. This is where I find myself, in between the two.


"What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time."                  - John Berger

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